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Yes, We Really Do Judge Books by Their Covers!

Dear Author and Publisher,

We know you're busy so we'll get right to the point.

If you’ve ever published — or thought about publishing! — a book, then it’s critical that you pay attention to every word of this letter.

Because below, you’ll discover:

  • How to double your royalties by making one tiny little change… without writing, editing or proofing your book
  • How to grab customers by the eyeballs and force them to buy your book
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake authors make with their book cover
  • And much, much more…

The truth about publishing that successful sellers will never tell you.

You already know…

There are people out there who are getting huge royalty checks from Kindle and CreateSpace…

…and they “crush it” by selling books on Amazon. Day after day, week after week, month after month.

You probably also know that people claim it’s pretty easy to start having the same success…

But after trying it out for myself, I realized something…

See, I had heard story after story about everyday people going from struggling and broke, to raking in cash to the tune of 5 figures a month ALL from selling simple books online.

And in a lot of cases, these people didn’t even write the books themselves.

Being an average person looking to make extra money from home, I wanted to jump in and get a piece of that book-selling cash.

So I was hopeful that even though I didn’t want to write, I could make some passive, consistent money on Kindle, Nook, and anywhere I could sell the thing…

I found a great niche…

Had a good book written…

Set everything up…

I was ready for the sales to start hitting me from left and right…

3… 2… 1…


I thought to myself… “Well, let me check in an hour, surely by then I will have sold some copies…”

An hour later… Nothing. The next day? Nothing. I waited a whole week for sales that never came.

Has that ever happened to you? It’s so damn frustrating.

If you’ve put any effort into creating a book, you absolutely cannot afford for this to happen to you.

My cover was subconsciously telling customers “Don’t Buy This”

Consider these facts for a minute: shoppers in a bookstore spend an average of 8 seconds looking at the front cover of a book and 15 seconds looking at the back before deciding whether to buy it. Further, a survey of booksellers showed that 75% of them found the book cover to be the most important element of the book.

See, I had gotten my book cover made via Fiverr, and I thought it looked good enough to sell… Turns out it wasn’t.

I realized the cover needed to be better, so I started researching and studying what kind of covers sell books. What I found out in the first few days literally left my jaw on the floor.

I implemented some of the techniques discovered and behold…

My Kindle book sold its very first copy that exact same night.

I didn’t change a single word of the book, description, or the price… All I did was tweak my cover …


My book effortlessly transformed from a total dud, to totally desired, all because I added a cover that works.

Now, you might be thinking… “There’s no way the cover makes THAT much of a difference” And if you are thinking that…

You are dead wrong.

This is the #1 mistake self publishing authors make

Here are some facts that my own research and experience confirmed:

  • People DO judge books by the cover. In a field as competitive and as saturated as Kindle, Amazon, or Nook, people decide to learn more about a book entirely on what the cover looks like. If your cover isn’t grabbing people from the start, it’s never going to sell.
  • People buy because they feel it. And images immediately translate to feelings. The factors that arouse the “I want to buy this” feeling are little known and ignored by 98% of sellers on online. So if you know the secrets, you will outsell 98% of others, easily.
  • People know if they are going to buy within 8 seconds. That’s it. That’s all the time you have. If you’re starting to think that it really does take an expert to know how to get someone to buy your book within 8 seconds, then you’re on the right track…
  • Your cover is your brand. Why would you ever want to put your name on a cheap, poor-performing, or ugly book cover? Doing so will only hurt you massively.

Please look at the two different covers below and compare them!

Which cover would you want to use for your ebook? The Left or The Right?

Professionally designed covers are no longer merely optional; they are considered necessary to compete in the world of book sales.

An amateurish cover causes them to expect a poorly written book. If this is the expectation that your cover generates, who on earth will buy such a book?

That’s why people who make serious, day-job-slaying income by selling books online regularly cut us a check for $500.00 with a smile on their faces… And why are they smiling?

Because they know that is an investment that will make them tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in short order.

I knew I could help other folks who are just starting out in book/ebook publishing, and looking to snatch up every competitive advantage they possibly can at a bargain price..

None of the online tools available could make the type of powerful covers I'm known for. Premade templates often looking amateurish, and most of them are made in Photoshop so even if you buy them, you can't make even simple changes yourself.

I had a breakthrough when I discovered Microsoft Word has features that make designing easy - if you know what you're doing. So I made 40 book cover templates in MS Word, so that authors could use a program they are already familiar with. It's easy to open the templates, switch the images and edit the text, and save the file as a ready-to-use cover.

Our proven-to-crush-it, completely done-for-you design templates that were never released before.

This ensures that even if you have ZERO design knowledge and ZERO design experience, you can have the exact same type of cover we charge $500.00 for.


Push Button Covers  is a bundle of 100+ professional, ready-made covers for you to use.

  • No More Amateur Covers That Kill Sales
  • No More Expensive Designer Fees
  • No More Generic/ Dull Fiverr Covers

Easily to edit with or without Photoshop

The price increases in:

Using Push Button Covers In 3 Simple Steps

It's Ridiculously Simple To Start Using These Sales-Boosting Graphics Even If You Run The Other Way When You Hear The Words Graphic Design.

Now You Can Easily Create Your Own Pro Looking Book Covers Without Hiring Expensive Graphic Designers!

Here's Why You'll Absolutely Love Push Button Covers

  • Super High Quality

    All of these templates were created by us personally; the templates you get are premium high quality.

  • Completely Brand New

    This package is the newest brand that I created, and has never been released before

  • Make More Money

    Sell more products and you can even start a cover design design service and charge $99+ per design with 100% of profits.

  • Easy to Customize

    Use any fonts, add any of your own images, and move things around anywhere you want.

  • Look Professional

    Make your competitors jealous & brand yourself as an expert.

  • 40 Different Designs

    You get 40 templates, and this gives you a lot of variety of different “looks” to choose from.

Push Button Covers Just Makes Sense

Why Pay More for Great Covers?

  • On other sites the price for ONE graphic template is usually around $6 - $10
  • Getting a limited amount of graphics will make you buy more over and over again
  • To top it off, you can only use the templates you download personally and not on your clients sites/works

What we've done for you is EASILY worth several thousand dollars. Think about outsourcing 40 book covers at $100 a pop, that's $4,000 right here! These aren’t rehashed designs that you see all over the web, we created all the graphics in our studio from scratch.

What Some Of Our Clients Say About Us

I worked with Ionut on several projects and he is a great graphic designer. He has an exceptional abbility to transform vision and direction into on-target creative. I strongly recommend Ionut and would work with him again.

Ciprian always delivers high quality work! I keep coming back to him because I know I will be 100% satisfied. He's my favorite Graphic designer for flyers and banners!

We have used Ciprian for multiple projects. He is fast reliable and always delivers on time! He has terrific communication skills and is very easy to work with. We will continue to use Ciprian on our future projects ;))

I was very impressed with the job Ionut did for me! Very professional, timely, and when I needed him to tweak just a couple things, he did it right away! I have already referred him over because he is JUST that good!

You Won't Find an Offer Like This Anywhere Else!

Look, we don't care if you use our covers on your own sites or your clients' sites. You can modify them anyway you like.  Use them in your offline or online marketing campaigns.

Upload them to your blog. Use them for ebooks and for reports.

Or do all of it. With 40 cover templates to choose from, you'll come up with endless ways to use them for countless projects.

It's not uncommon to pay $100 a pop for a book cover when hiring a designer.

Don't regret passing this offer by!

You'll pay less than that to download 40 of our book covers for a flat-fee of only $12.95. That works out to only 30 cents per cover!

If you want an amazing value then act RIGHT NOW and grab Push Button Covers before it's too late.

People are telling us we're offering these book covers of this quality much too cheap. We're not sure how long we will keep the offer open at this price.

Time for the Bonuses

The first 500 people to order Push Button Covers will get exclusive access to 4 amazing bonuses worth over $200.

Total Value = $224

All these amazing bonuses are yours FREE if you buy today Push Button Covers!

The Real Reason For The Low Price

$12.95 is an affordable price for all marketers, even for newbie entrepreneurs. We know how it's like to get started on a tight or no budget at all. Plus we truly value you as long term customer. And we know that you will be happy to come back for more when we create our sequels in near future.

What If I Am Not 100% Satisfied?

We are so confident that you will love Push Button Covers that we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee. If they are not exactly what we said, please let us know. Try Push Button Covers risk-free and if this package isn't everything we've said it is, simply send us an email and we’ll refund you every penny.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what you need to know...

Q: Do I need Photoshop?

A: The templates work best in Photoshop, however we made a version that you can edit in MS Word

Q: What version of MS Word do I need?

A: We reccomend you to use MS Word 2010 or above to keep all the effects.

Q: Can I resell the templates as-is?

A: No. The License allows you to use them for unlimited personal and client projects.

However, you cannot simply resell the templates themselves.

Q: Are the images licensed properly?

A: Yes. Images included in the templates are properly licensed..

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